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Ethnographic Museum of Berkovitsa

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Berkovitsa, 7, ul. Poruchik...

Ethnographic Museum of Berkovitsa is housed in an old Revival house from the XIX century - Sarbinska house. The building is preserved in its original form, without serious restoration repairs. There are beautiful carvings on the doors and cupboards, and interesting way to heat the premises. The building is home to the Ethnographic Museum, 1992

The various collections of the museum visitors can see exhibits of ceramics Berkovska, Chiprovtsi carpets Karakachan suits, dresses city 20 years of the nineteenth century are presented and typical for the region crafts - pottery, copper, svilarstvo (silk production) and etc.. For visitors to the museum's particularly interesting is the inner bath - because of the way of heating the water - one of the bathroom walls were hung two ceramic jars and set the other side of the wall where the kitchen was located, there was a wall oven. When the wall was burning oven, is heated and water jars.

With tickets Ethnographic Museum can be visited two tourist sites in the city. One of them is the house "Ivan Vazov", which is very close to the Ethnographic Museum. Another object that can be visited is the City Art Gallery, located in the courtyard of the church "St. Nikolai". Lectures cost three leva, objects work weekends but have a break between 12 and 14h.

Working hours: 08:00 to 17:00

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