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Borovo - Luky Ecotrail

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Ecotrail between Laki and Borovo in the southern part of the Central Rhodopes was built in 2007. Both settlements are 6 kilometers away from each other in a region teeming with natural beauty and historic sites , close to the mystical Cross Forest area . Borovo is situated in the Prespa part of the mountain , east of Rozen saddle .

Archaeological discoveries in the region show that the area of the pines is inhabited by the middle of the first millennium BC , although the earliest written accounts of the village date back to 1083 . It is mentioned in the Ottoman registers , and after the liberation became a center for the preservation of the traditions in the Rhodope region .

The route starts at the top of the village and pine initially dirt road , heading west , but soon otlonyava and takes on its own route through the chapel dedicated to St. Demetrius . Near the temple is a gazebo where you can relax . Nature along really impressive. So typical Rhodope deeply carved rocky river valleys alternate with beautiful old-growth forests and high rise skyward numerous mountain peaks.

While it offers sections with serious loads path from the village pines Laki no serious difficulty. Moreover, the route is relatively short and takes about 2-3 hours. Along its path passes a natural rock bridge , beneath which was formed a picturesque lake . Views of pine and localities Stanchov stone Stufurya and Braykovitsa does bring many tourists to the rapture and fully justify the effort and sweat shed .

The trail is well marked and labeled , so there is almost no way to lose . It is suitable for all seasons, but , of course, is the most visited in the warmer months. Transition is available for beginners travelers and groups with small children, although there is relatively difficult climbs . The beauty of the Rhodope Mountains , however, will make you forget about the cliff and just enjoy the majesty of nature.

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