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The route from Bosnek ( Pernik Municipality ) to place living water begins in the village center. It is located at 940 meters above sea level in the southwestern foothills of Vitosha Mountain. Vicinity of Bosnek is extremely saturated in natural , cultural and historical values. Here are some remarkable caves , including the largest and most complex structure in the Balkans Speleology - Cave Duhlata . In many places they found traces of ancient deposits of iron ore and gold , Neolithic and Thracian settlements .

The track is wide and well- trodden path that leads north from the village in the beautiful valley of Dobri dol - a tributary of the Struma . The slope of the terrain is not large and the path is very beautiful during spring and autumn high water , as is often transferred on both sides of Dobri dol . In all seasons , however sloping ascent up the river is nice for nature lovers because it allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Southwest Vitosha Mountain and the surrounding mountains .

Distance to the source Living water takes about an hour - hour and a half. The entire route is paved and well marked , so it is absolutely impossible to get lost . In the last ten minutes of going in a nice forest, which further enhances the feeling of oneness with nature and subtle spellcraft . A spellcraft and mystery around the spring as much as you want ...

Water flows from the source described from the Ottoman traveler Evliya Çelebi in the XVII century , pushing . That is, no warning will flow from the powerful stone formed by an unknown sculptor as head of the dragon (or crocodile ) , then all the more surprising starts only pokapva or even completely stopped. The spring is karst , but differs from almost all other temporary sources because living water recognizes no schedule. It flows and stops when he wants, with any rate he wants. The only exception is during the spring freshet , when the flow is maintained stable.

Precisely this feature is due to one of many legends about the source - that flowed only when there are no bad people. Legends about the living water , however many. In the past, people visited it on major holidays , they believed that the water is healing , hence the name. This is clearly a legacy of antiquity , as in the vicinity of the source are traces of Thracian settlement. Living near the water is built recreation area , so you can even sleep in this fascinating place.

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