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Vazov Eco trail

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Vazov Eco trail is located between the villages Bov and Zasele, 40 kilometers from the capital Sofia. To move takes about 90 minutes. "Vazov Eco trail" is the only one in which you can go to the natural wonder waterfall "Skaklya." This area is visited repeatedly by Ivan Vazov. Here he wrote his famous work "From Mala Stara Planina" and "Dyado Yotso gleda." Therefore, the tourist route, part of which is eco trail, starting from Vazov / Dangovata / house in the neighborhood Koshushtitsa, crosses the river Iskar, you continue to Skaklya waterfall in the village Zasele and ends to Evil stone. From Gara Bov to neighborhood Skaklya marked path crosses the bridge over the river Iskar, continues along the road towards Mezdra and after about 300 meters deviate left along the river Skaklya. In the first, easier part is trodden path and no fences, but the upper part is made rails and bridges, as the height becomes large and the terrain is more difficult to pass.

When you step over the waterfall leads to a large green lawn, which has a separate picnic areas. The stream that appears at the end of the meadow near it disappears in order to become one of the highest waterfall in Bulgaria. Its total height is 120 meters and the first step, where the water crashes is 85 meters high.

Officially opened on 29.04. 2007, today's "eco Vazov" is a tourist destination with growing popularity. The infrastructure of the path is fully constructed. Added are a nightlights and every 5 meters along the edge of the rock at the village populated. Enclosed are the bridges, litter bins, benches, gazebos and information boards.

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