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Bardoto Forest park

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Breznik, 16, ul. Elena Geor...

" Forest Park Bardo" is located in the municipality of Breznik, which is in Pernik region and is located in the western half of the Graovsko field. The average altitude is 750 m Breznik is located 50 km from Sofia and 18 km from the regional center - the city of Pernik. " Forest Park Bardo" is a favorite place for walking and recreation. The forest vegetation is represented by mixed forests , the most typical tree species are white pine, black pine, beech. The most typical representatives of fauna diversity , creating conditions for the development of hunting tourism are wild boar, deer, quail . In the park there are several accommodation. These are hotel -restaurant " Bardo" with modern facilities , an outdoor swimming pool, hut " Birches " modern beds , traditional cuisine , opportunities for recreation and activities , horseback riding , paintball . The area is famous for its "iron " mineral water springing from the southern side of the hill in Leskov Dol . Water is unique in the country . It is used to treat anemia , disturbances of the autonomic nervous system and metabolism. In 1909 Breznishka " iron " water has been awarded a gold medal at the World Exhibition in London. In 1940 by the decree of King Boris III source was made ​​available to the municipality Breznik, but the land around it remained covered in forest . In the area of Breznik municipality has discovered deposits of gold. Near Forest Park has many other attractions . Of particular importance are the church "St. Petka " class school , megalithic temple well " Hollow Girl" , and Tsarnogorski Bilinskiya monastery ruins of medieval churches, houses of architectural and artistic value , and more. Good nature and available resources create good conditions for the development of rural, cultural and hunting. Therefore " Lesopark Bardo" is an attractive place for those who want to enjoy nature and feel the emotions.

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