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Atanasovsko Lake beach

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Beach Atanasovsko lake located in the northern part of our second largest Black Sea city of Burgas. Situated between neighborhoods "Izgrev" and "Sarafovo", it is one of the most visited on the southern coast. Its name is due to the fact that by its nature is a sand bar, about one kilometer long, which separates the lake from inundated type from the Black Sea.

Part of the lake's protected area because we have a remarkable variety of flora and fauna. Spit itself is very picturesque and is one of the preferred places for collection of tan and relax from everyday stress. His popularity, however, makes it crowded, so if you decide to sunbathers here is nice to come early morning. Particularly in the high tourist season.

Access to the beach Atanasovsko lake is very easy, as the road passes close to the neighborhood "Sarafovo" airport of Bourgas and Varna. Hence also pass the old road and the railway line to the sea capital. Bottom is sloping, no sudden depths shallow and suitable for families with young children and people who can not swim well.

Besides sunbathing here Atanasovsko lake is an excellent starting point for visiting the surrounding areas, where nature lovers can observe a number of flora and fauna. The animal kingdom most interesting are the otter, voles, wild cat and the Etruscan shrew, which is the smallest mammal in the world. Of course the proximity of Atanasovsko and other lakes around Burgas is an excellent prerequisite to learn and ornithological richness of the region, especially at the time when migratory birds (within the nest or rest over three hundred species) migrate to warmer climates or returning them .

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