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City Burgas is situated in Eastern Bulgaria. Situated in the western part of Bourgas Bay. The city is the largest port in the country. Burgas has its own airport. The city is the most lively during the summer, when visited by Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The first name of the town comes back to antiquity, when the Romans called it Deultum. In the Middle Ages Burgas has another name - Pyrgos. In the 17th century received its present name. Burgas is a modern city. Along with modern architecture to be found and preserved buildings from the early XIX century. Bourgas is home to celebrities related to culture and art. Have sung songs about the sea, town and his famous evenings, which certainly are cool in summer and very pleasant for walking around town. The streets are landscaped and the parks are maintained and beautiful. Some of the popular attractions of the city are the Sea Garden and the Casino, the Bridge (wharf walks) and a small zoo. Furthermore, within the Sea Garden and has a summer theater, which hosts the annual international folk festivals, and part of the program of "Golden Orpheus". From this emblematic of Burgas garden you can automatically go down to the main beach in beautiful staircase overgrown with vegetation. Among the natural attractions in the area are four Burgas lakes, which are invaluable biological wealth for our entire country. They build the largest complex of coastal lakes, which includes Atanasovsko, Pomorie, Burgas and Mandra lake. St. St. Cyril and Methodius is another attraction that draws its marvelous frescos and the altar, ornamented with unique carvings. Not least, we should note the many cafes, restaurants, night clubs and other entertainment establishments, which Bourgas offers its residents and guests. Most of them are concentrated around the small streets in the central part of town where you can see the wonderful architectural buildings like old houses. Atmosphere in the city during the festival "Bourgas and the Sea" in September is something you should feel.

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