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Ezero Park Burgas

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Park "Lake" is a natural extension of the Sea Garden of Burgas , which reaches the protected area of ​​nature reserve Atanasovsko lake . It is in close proximity to residential areas "Lazur ", " Zornitca " and " Sunrise " . The park provides opportunities for local daily and weekly rest . Its construction began in 1967 as an initial area of ​​230 acres was made replant forest parks with nature and ameliorative functions. In 1970, its area is increased by 100 acres. In 1984 already parkoustroena area of 341 acres. About 1989 the area was expanded to 29 more acres. " Lake Park " is a very beautiful place in Burgas. Stands out with great wealth of rare tree and shrub plantings , among which are works of art from the International Sculpture Symposium in m Otmanliy near Burgas. On the territory of "Lake" has several facilities built over the years . These are the College of Tourism at the University " Prof. Zlatarov " a corpus . In this area are located the main park sports entertainment facilities - hotel with playgrounds , a sports complex with tennis courts and swimming pools , horse riding Racetrack . It formed the main entrance in the park " lake ." Another part of the sport and entertainment zone is located in the northwestern part of the park. Here are located facilities for skateboarding and basketball, mini-football , handball and other ball games aimed primarily at youth and youth group. Tradition for several years is the festival of sand sculptures , which is one of the biggest attractions for people of Burgas , and foreign visitors. Artists from around the world gather for two weeks to draw figures on various topics , and after they are sculptures still adorn the park throughout the summer season. Anyone can examine them and to dip into their magic . The ticket is 3 BGN , and for pensioners and students 1 BGN. Municipality of repeatedly stated intention to reconstruct and create a new and modern look of the practice , which can include various attractions, playgrounds and sports fields . several years to discuss the idea in the park to be built with Oceanarium aquarium Black Sea , Mediterranean and oceanic species . dolphinarium Also a hall for performances and recreation dolphin Aqua Park, spa area with a real tropical forest plant species , as well as many shops and green areas. proximity of the park with the city, the sea and the lake's sea Garden make it a unique location between two lakes, perfect for walking and recreation .

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