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St. Anastasia Island

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At 6.5 km from Burgas, nestled between St. Anastasia cape and Atia cape, lies the island of St. Anastasia. It is the - largest island of the Bulgarian territory. Its area is 8.5 acres and is 12 meters high has appeared most likely the result of volcanic eruption.

St. Anastasia has a rich and exciting history. For him to legends, the island has inspired many bizarre stories, wrapped in mystery and mysticism.

For his long history and antiquities testify as amphorae from V-VI century BC, discovered on the island.

Here there was also a monastery, which has been reported since 1553

Except for the monks and travelers, the island was an attractive and pirates, who had crossed the sea. There are legends that tell of hidden treasures and tantalizing today.

In 1924 St. Anastasia has become the island prison, a mighty walls of the monastery cloister became a prison for political prisoners. After 1944-education institution is closed and the building is preserved as a museum and St. Anastasia was named Bolshevik as I know older people from Burgas to this day. After the democratic changes of 1990 the island was returned to its old name of St. Anastasia.

The monastery is now a hotel, but also electricity and water, there is no other modern conveniences.

The old lighthouse, which is located on the island, was built by French company in 1889 lighthouse was mounted on an iron pillar, erected 40 meters above sea level and weather its light could be seen 10 miles away. In 1912 in the northern part of the island were the foundations for the new lighthouse that guides ships to this day. He was keen for the first time 13. 06. 1914

Since 2001, St. Anastasia was the status of a natural - an archaeological reserve. If we preserve archaeological and historic sites, the island has the potential to become a very attractive tourist destination.

If you want to visit St. Anastasia, you may do so only by boat or ship. Such leave from Naval Station Bourgas, Nessebar, Pomorie and Sozopol.

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