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Historic Landmark
Cherven Firtress

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If you want to experience medieval culture and history, you can do it every time he was on the Red fort . Reconstructors from across the country gather annually to take part in a medieval festival. Guests of the fort can witness demonstrations of medieval fencing , museum of arms and armor in the open , and archery. Placement are more craft booths and a large market. It has been shown that in addition to the old capital Veliko Tarnovo, only Red has managed to preserve folk traditions in the way of life during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

Only 35 km from Rousse Red is the best-preserved fortress in Bulgaria today . It played an important role - the fortress was an administrative, political, economic , cultural and religious center .

The first excavations of the fortress Red are made by the famous historian Professor Vasil Jewelry in 1910-1911 on , 60 years later discoveries have been many and give a strong boost in research and study of medieval Bulgarian culture. In the fortress can be seen large feudal castle walls , two well-preserved underground water passage 13 churches, public buildings , homes, shops and streets.

There are several assumptions about the origin of the name of the fortress. Here we will mention a few: blond - settlers have carried the name of the city of Red Galicka Russia chased by Tartar invaders , it is also possible that the name comes from the color of the soil and iron ore , which occurs in the area , according to the third version in melting iron sky illuminate at night in fiery red.

Curious facts about the history and role of the Red fort are many . We will highlight a few. According to historians, here lies buried the first wife of Tsar - Mary. Eloquent sign of uniqueness and functionality of Red is also historical evidence that Baldwin Tower Tzarevetz was built up on the tower in red, and the castle itself was a strategic stronghold on the road to the capital from the north.

Archaeological finds from the Red stored in the National History Museum in Sofia, National Archaeological Museum in Sofia and the Regional History Museum in Rousse.

If you have the pleasure to see Red live , do not miss the opportunity to view and other valuable attractions in the region - beautiful Orlova Chuka Cave , Ivanovo rock churches and Basarboski Monastery - the only active rock monastery in Bulgaria .

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