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Kozya stena reserve

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Kozya Stena Reserve is the youngest and smallest in the Central Balkan National Park . Situated in the village of Chiflik Troyan Municipality. Its border runs along the northern slopes of Mount Baba west to Mount Ears , from here continue on the ridge part and reduces the lowest in the hut Rebel song , which remains outside the northern boundary and reaches peak Stena . The reserve was created in 1987 with an area of ​​904 hectares , to protect the endemic species edelweiss and over a hundred annual beech- fir forests. " Stena " is a true botanical paradise. It contains over 40 species of rare and endangered plants - blagaevo wildly tree rohelova saxifrage , alpine rock rose , woodruff Planina , silver and others. Its territory is rock phenomenon Kozya Stena and other rock formations , so the reserve has a variety of raptors as Pern , big and small hawk , kestrel others. The area in which the reserve is steep and difficult , because it is the steepest parts of the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains. The mountainous terrain determines the presence of deep watercourse of dense river network with multiple streams forming along the two major rivers here and Kamacharska Rogatcheva . Within the reserve are several passageways defined by the Protected Areas Act . These are the paths " hut village Chiflik - Koya stena", trail" hut Rebel song - hut Kozya stena . " Another trail is the beginning of " hut Rebel song - Kashka - hut Echo " and path " E 3 " . All trails are marked with directional and informational signs . Is prohibited from entering the reservation outside the indicated signs , use of motor vehicles , fires and camping , and waste pollution of the reserve. More information about tourist services Kozya Stena Reserve can be found in the special information centers to Central Balkan National Park , as well as phone 0035966801277 .

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