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Chiprovtsi is one of the remarkable cities of the Bulgarian Revival - Center Chiprovsko uprising. Today is a small, but its appearance, atmosphere and spirit towns of northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Montana, not far from Berkovitsa. In Chiprovtsi flows river Lopushanska Ogosta , springing from the higher mountain areas.

Chiprovtsi is a very old village established even in Thracian times. Since then dates and mining on these lands. Deposits are copper, lead, gold, silver and iron. In Roman times is one of the most important mining regions of the Balkans in late Antiquity is of great importance for the development of military production in Archar (Ratsiaria). After the VI century the Slavs came here.

During the Second Bulgarian State Chiprovtsi is busy mining village. Not by chance it is here in the names of Bulgarian boyars Soymirovi after the Ottoman invasion focuses much of the Bulgarian feudal aristocracy. Over the next three centuries a thriving crafts and trade. They built churches, monasteries and schools. Chiprovtsi merchants you cross the Balkan Peninsula, the town became known far beyond the empire. During the XVI and XVII century Chiprovtsi boiling bustling economic and cultural life in this environment and work Chiprovtzi goldsmiths, many of whom possess enviable era for education and the opportunity to travel throughout the Turkish Empire, Dubrovnik and only to central Europe.

In the 16th century originated in Kiprovets the Chiprovtsi Literary School. Only in the eighteenth century, the town prospered again after Chiprovsko uprising because of its carpets, which are produced and bring him glory in the world today. It is curious to see how they weave here and dyed with dye from plants.

Excavations in the historic hill of the town is a chance to reveal the foundations of the Catholic cathedral "Santa Maria" in 1371 and to explore part of the necropolis. In history museum arranged rich collections of works of Chiprovtsi Goldsmith School, carpets, church art, archeological, ethnographic collection to the culture of indigenous peoples - Torlatsite.

More than three centuries an author named Peter Bogdan Bakshev mountain village Kiprovets "Flower of Bulgaria." Today Chiprovtsi is a fascinating town with 3000 inhabitants near the Bulgarian-Serbian border. For three hours walk from the town goes to Chiprovski Falls Old River. This is only half an eco fabulous. Minkin houses are among the few survivors of old architectural monuments Chiprovtsi. Chiprovtsi monastery of 5-6 km from Chiprovtsi in the river valley. Votive crosses are common around Chiprovtsi and across northwestern Bulgaria. They are a remnant of an ancient tradition whose roots still languish in prehistoric times.

Chiprovtsi has rich folklore. Very interesting are the local customs of the annual spring-summer cycle. The Rite "Saint" is performed every year on St. John and St. Nicholas of the summer. Then clans gather for ritual stone in the city. Lambs are slaughtered and cooked soup. Breads are wonderful decorations. Chiprovtsi population believes that there is a common and holy patron of a hill 4 km above the town, near the ruins of Gushovskiya Monastery " Rangel "and on September 6, collected there all the common offering.

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