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Ivanova Water Cave

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Cave " Ivanova water " is located near the village Dobrostan, about 26 km away from the town and 45 km from Plovdiv. Starting point to reach the gap is Martsiganitsa hut , which can be reached from the town , in the village Dobrostan . In the summer to the hut there is a bus that in winter rarely goes that makes access to the cabin , due to the large displacement of ascent . It is convenient to reach the area by car, although part of the road is not asphalt.

From there the trail heads back on the road to the village. At the junction of Bachkovski monastery turned left . Pass through a pine forest , while constantly losing altitude. Path out of a field of catchment . Turn to the right ( north) , pass by the fountain with long, wooden trays and head to the lowest point of blind karst valley called " Water ." The cave entrance lies on the left at the base of pronounced rock crown .

Village Dobrostan occurs during the conversion to Islam of the Bulgarians during the Ottoman rule. Many legends of brave feats of Bulgarians remain from this period .

The cave is named after a courageous Ivana who saved Rhodope villages from attacks by the Ottoman conquerors. Ivana Turks forced them through secret paths of the mountains, to organize an ambush and kill locals who resisted . Ivana led the Turks in the Rhodope inaccessible slopes , but instead to show them a shortcut , it led them to death. To persuade them to enter the cave Ivana told the Turks that runs through the cave passageway . Turks entered the cave and suddenly fell into the deep waters of the cave lake. With them died and courageous Bulgarian.

Locals call the cave " Ivanova water " to be remembered forever feat of daring Ivana .

Today the cave is undeveloped . If you decide to visit it is equipped with the necessary equipment. Do not take unnecessary risks. If you want to discover the cave more closely with go qualified guide. He will tell you more about the cave , and legends associated with neya.V gap is desirable to penetrate the autumn due to less water. When a large amount of water is advisable to carry boat .

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