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Elena, 9, ul. D-r Momchilov

Ecopath "Elena - village Bagalevtsi - Elephant Tree " has a low level of difficulty , but in contrast, offers tourists beautiful scenery and refuge from city noise and vanity. Distance between town and country is about eight kilometers and travels along a marked trail following the scenic valley of the fun.

Elena is one of the most developed cities in the Bulgarian Renaissance. Its strategic position on the road between the Danube Valley and Thrace ( Tvardishki pass) and entrepreneurship of the local population makes it a flourishing city , jealously guarding the cultural and historical heritage of the Bulgarian people. Number of monuments keep the memory of past greatness ( Daskalolivnitsata , several magnificent churches, clock tower , the beautiful homes of the wealthy merchant and artisan families) and many people of Elena are among the most active builders of modern Bulgaria .

The transition from Helena to the village Bagalovtsi is lightweight and can be traveled by inexperienced and unprepared tourists and groups of children. The most popular seasons are late spring , summer and early autumn , when nature seems most impressive, and the risk of a sharp deterioration in time is minimal.

Like Elena, a village Bagalovtsi glorious Renaissance past. According to legend, pioneer here is one Hadji Petko whom the inhabitants of the surrounding villages for unknown reasons called base . He built this winter for his cattle , about which gradually formed a settlement. During the Renaissance there lived a great patriot king Mark, author of " Elena Chronicle" . In 1830 (probably on his own initiative ), there was founded a school.

In the vicinity of Bagalevtsi is the Elephant tree , whose age is about 13 centuries . In the early nineties of the twentieth century the area was declared a protected area in order to preserve this amazing natural phenomenon. Although unfortunately in recent years has dried branches and gradually break the huge oak summer is traditionally one of the biggest attractions of the Elena region . Its dimensions are particularly impressive - its circumference is 7.5 meters and height - 23 m .

Eco is lightweight and warm , suitable for people who prefer to pay attention to detail and beauty of nature. The duration of the transition in one direction is about 3 hours at the normal rate.

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