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Historic Landmark
Etropolski monastery

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At the foot of the Balkan Black Peak ( 1070 m ) is located Etropolski monastery "St. Trinity " . The founding of the monastery dates back to the Middle Ages and is associated with the residence of the Saint Ivan Rilski - the most respected Bulgarian saint. At that time he was found in one of the caves in the nearby area Varovitets .

If you should point out the merits of the Orthodox monastery , we will mention that in the XVI-XVII century after the Rila Monastery , he was the most important literary and cultural center in the Bulgarian lands. You have worked many copyists , compilers of church collections , artists that rolled wide activities to preserve the Bulgarian literature and literature. The names of the monk Raphael , grammar Boycho , Dragul deacon , deacon John Doyo teacher , the monk Daniel and others. It is in Etropole Monastery appeared and developed the famous Etropolska calligraphic and artistic literary school . In the monastery are written dozens of manuscripts decorated with painted sections , pages, letters, ornamented vignettes kontsovki and others. Nowadays almost all the interesting literary and artistic monuments found in Etropole Monastery "Holy Trinity" are stored in museums, libraries and galleries.

A curious moment in the history of the monastery is that refuge was revolutionary Vasil Levski . Freedom fighter repeatedly find peace and shelter from the pursuing Turkish authorities. Nowadays retains his hideout . It was prepared from the abbot at the time - Hrisant . According to the stories of old Etropole hideout dug wolf Topalski Tzolov , associate Levski, member of Pravets secret revolutionary committee , a participant in the robbery of the Treasury in the passage Orhanie Arabakonak in the fall of 1872 and Diarbekir exile .

Etropolski monastery offers accommodation with a private bathroom. The price of the bed is 6 BGN. Food is available for larger groups of tourists. Located just 2 km from Ribaritza , 5 km from the town Etropole and 40 km from the town of Teteven , the road to the monastery is well developed . Used turnoff just before Ribaritsa . The monastery , also called Varovitets because limestone , which is built , you can reach on foot. From the village to the monastery will walk about 30 minutes away , and if you go by Etropole will cost you about an hour.

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