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Svishti plaz peak

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Mount Svishti Plaz is located on the border that divides the western Balkan Mountains of Central Stara Planina. With its 1,888 m peak height adorns mountainous region between Zlatitza and Etropole . Below the top spring waters of the river Kurudere , Cherni Vit River and Old ( Lopyanska ) River . History informs that in Roman times at the foot of Sveshti plaz was mined gold.

South from the top through the saddle Kashana the shortest mountain pass in Stara Planina - Zlatishka . It is an important link between Moesia and Thrace for centuries. Not surprisingly, there has gone through the IV century BC one of the kings of Ancient Macedonia - Alexander of Macedonia itself .

The origin of the name at the top there are different opinions . According to one of them the word " Svishti " comes from the verb " Svishti " which means crying , playing , and " runner " means a natural chute slide. So translated - Plaza at the top of Svishti winds. States and similar names tops - Candlestick in Pirin village , Melnik , at Candlestick Delchevo , Gotse Delchev , Sveshtari at Eleshnitsa , Petrich and others. , And "plaz" - channel that descend logs to slide .

The area Svishti Plaza offers good conditions for summer and winter recreation . The terrain is suitable for camping , but the road is dirt and is recommended to access it only using SUV . Open year round. Near the top are several huts - mess Momina Polyana Murgana , Pascal, Mountain springs Svishti Plaza Staroplaninets , Watch and Chavdar .

In the mountain area you can see quite historical and natural attractions . Nearby are Elena monastery "St. Elijah the prophet , " Chertigrad , chapel" Petka "," St. Trinity , "" St. George ", " St. Apostles Constantine and Helena " , " St Kirik and Julita "and" St. Spas " . I will mention some of the churches : "St. Petka "," St. Archangel Michael "," St. George " Saint " Nicholas " and St. Elijah " in Etropolje and "St. George " in Zlatitza , " St. St. Cyril and Methodius " in Dushantsi and " St. Assumption " in Pirdop .

Is located near a nature reserve , " Preserve " and waterfalls Vranje water, Etropolski Falls ( Varovitets ), Koznitsa and Skoka.

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