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Park "Bulgarian"

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Natural Park "Bulgarian" occupies the northern slopes of the central part of Stara Planina - over Shipka and Tryavna portion of the mountain. The park is one of the newest, launched in 2002. The varied topography and climatic conditions are responsible for a wide variety of animal and plant species. About 70% of the officially recognized for medicinal plants in Bulgaria are found in the park. Forests within the "Bulgarian" is about 80% of its total area, and the beech lies the greatest percentage of tree species - 65%. On the territory of "Bulgarian" established over 1360 plant species, of which 32 species are in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

In the natural park "Bulgarian" are protected areas Cold Well, Stolishta, Mahchenitsa-Yovovtsi, Sokolski Monastery and natural landmarks "Rock pile," Vikana rock "," Natural Field yew "and ancient tree" big beech. "

The park is an architectural and ethnographic complex "museum" and Sokolski Monastery, which provide opportunities for cultural tourism. Visitors to the "museum" can reach Sokolski Monastery on a marked trail.

The park has several trails. One of them - Eco "Usana" –goes through the same name area, which is the geographic center of Bulgaria. Ecotrail a rope trolley, playground, recreation, panoramic playground, shelters. One of the most interesting places, especially for children, is a "Forest School" - a classroom with desks and wooden board that is located outdoors in the woods.

Its area is suitable for horse riding - near Usana and Todorcheta area. "Vikana rock" caves beneath Mount Buzludja and rock formations around the village inn Stanchev are places suitable for extreme tourism - mountain climbing, rock climbing and caving. For fans of paragliding and hang gliding Mount suitable demon in Usana, peak and peak Bedek Bulgarka.

Natural Park "Bulgarian" is located in an area with tradition in eco and rural tourism. In Gabrovo, Tryavna and villages in the region can find a variety of accommodation options.

Park Visitor Center "Bulgarian" is located on the south parking lot of the architectural reserve "museum". The center offers a variety of lectures and educational programs on topics such as biodiversity, tourism in the park, survival in the mountains and others.

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