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Morovitsa Cave

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Morovitsa is the name of the cave, which is located near Glojene village near the town of Teteven . Morovitsa is one of the biggest Bulgarian caves. The total length of the cave is 3.25 km and the depth and 150 m cave is very interesting , as it established many species of bats found in Bulgaria .

The cave were discovered objects that are left by primitive people . Artifacts are stored in the historical museum Municipality. The etymology of its name is associated with the belief that it was inhabited by an evil spirit that killing " plague " come inside it people. Baseline of the cave was laid by inquiring Glozhen teacher Joto Dinov . In 1910, in its hall he found a tooth of a cave bear and inform the Director of this finding Tetevenska junior Koychev . Soon after , the two made ​​drilling and discovered pottery, flint tools , bones and horns. Assessing their value for historical science and the need for - further exploration of the cave competent specialist - archaeologist Koychev turned to Professor Rafael Popov. Assisted by Joto Dinov Rafael Popov did excavations in the cave in 1912 In 1955, new excavations done archaeologist Nikolay Djambazov . Finds indicate that except during the Late Paleolithic cave was inhabited in the Neolithic ( New Stone Age) and in the Chalcolithic ( Stone - Copper Age) .

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