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Bukorovski monastery

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A specific feature of Bukorovskiya monastery " St. George ", which makes it unique in the territory of our country is that it is the only country with five churches. In the world there is only one such monastery.

The monastery is named after one of the most venerated saints in the Eastern Orthodox Church. At the time of Emperor Diocletian George was a regular soldier in the Roman Empire. Immortalized in the myth of St. George and the Dragon , today he is the patron saint of England, Bulgaria , Georgia , Greece, Ethiopia , Canada, Catalonia , Lithuania, Portugal , Serbia and Montenegro. Icons of St. George is always depicted on horseback , and at his feet lies a dragon killed by him .

Due to the scarcity of data available to us about the history of the monastery , it is believed that around it there is some mystery . One thing is certain, however - it was built on the remains of five old churches - "St. George " " St. Petka "," St. St. Cyril and Methodius "," St. Sunday "and" Halloween . " Currently operating only "St. George " . It is in the region of five churches was discovered carved stone calendar. After investigation , it appears that this is the oldest calendar found in Europe. He is 12 years old loop sequence proto calendar fixing abstract movement of the constellations on the shell of a turtle. And to this day kept the stone on which is found " turtle " .

Nowadays Bukorovskiyat monastery is not inhabited by monks . Maintenance is entrusted grandmother Ceca . On major holidays , the monastery celebrates Mass by priests of Sofia "St. Petka Paraskeva . " Annually at the monastery is organized and fair .

By Bukorovskiya monastery "St. George " located next to the village and 8 km from the town of Godech be reached by passing through the town and on the road to Tuden and Razboishte . From the main road after Tuden before Razboishte a layby on the left , which is marked with a sign to the monastery, where the distance to the monastery is little more than a mile of dirt road between fields . Be careful in the rain because the road becomes very muddy and difficult accessible. In Bukorovskiya monastery does not offer meals and overnight .

Very close to the monastery you can see the natural phenomenon " Boilers" . These are multi-level waterfall shaped flowing into each other boilers .

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