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Garvanitsa Cave

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Gorsko Slivovo

Big Garvanitsa cave is located in the karst area Garvanitsa extending 2 km from the village of Gorsko Slivovo .

Rocks have a vertical cave with impressive entrance - a sheer precipice on which it is built metal staircase descending into the narrow and deep cave . Depth and 40 meters , and although they are designed railings that visitors and can be attached to the penetration it is not an easy task - it takes skill and physical endurance to reach the bottom of the karst phenomena . When you find yourself there , however you will find that it was worth it . Before you will find a new and different world that reminds people how insignificant in comparison to Mother Nature .

Going down should not forget to look for other visitors to the cave , as the gap is difficult and better to wait a thicker sections of the ladder until he misses . If you have a fear of heights - do not look down. And remember - once descended , then you have to climb back !

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