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Predela hut

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Hut Predela is located in the same name area of the Balkan Mountains on the border between Elena and Tryavna - Tvarditsa mountain known as the limit of Haimboaz . The altitude is 698 meters and the hut itself is a large two-storey building with central heating.

Water and electricity , it has common bathrooms for each floor. Capacity is thirty beds in rooms ranging from two to six beds. Tourists restaurant with fifty and separate dining room . The restaurant is in a separate building adjacent to the hut.

Until leads from the village Mishemorkov inn, which is five kilometers from the lodge. It lies on the road and it's hard to miss - the turn to the hut is marked. More distant starting points are Gourkovo into twenty-two kilometers and the foot of the south from Veliko Tarnovo , which are fifty kilometers .

Adjacent to Chalet Predela previously located Hut Chemist (half hour shift ) Gramadliva Hut ( hour shift ) and dormitory of Krastets (4.30 pm) . Hut formerly managed by TD "Minioh " Debelets.

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