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Historical Museum Harmanli

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Harmanli, 11, pl. Vazrajdane

The idea of building an institution dealing with the collection, study, preservation and promotion of artifacts related to past Harmanli and the region is emerging in the local cultural community as early as the end of the 50s of the twentieth century. In 1968, on January 18 in connection with organized on the occasion of 90th anniversary of liberation from Ottoman rule Harmanli exhibition collection is open for visits. Initially, she finds shelter in the first school building in the city, built in 1835 and located near "St. Athanasius”. In 2000 initial exposure was declared a Historical Museum. Today, the museum is located in a building declared a cultural monument. It has 350 square meters exhibition area is divided storehouse of materials, administrative offices and a room adapted for library has over 1,000 volumes of literature.

In Archaeology Department exposed parts of pottery found during excavations in the "Spring of the White-legged." Here are the pottery from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age. From near the village Oreshets found an altar of Heracles, as the original is in the Museum - Haskovo, and the Historical Museum - Harmanli presented a copy. You should not miss coin finds of Greek colonies found in the region. From the time of Roman rule in our land in the museum present well preserved, but already in poor condition Romfea iron - one of the few preserved in Bulgaria. From this period the fund of the department store pottery, earthen lamps, rings, coins of different emperors, stamps and more. At this period is dated and a museum exhibit, used as his badge - bronze decoration of Roman chariot.

Ethnography fund includes exhibits showing rich material and spiritual culture of the population in the municipality Municipality. They are associated with the specific occupations of the people. Are preserved female accessories, fashion accessories, winding curling hair, hat boxes, bottles of perfumes and mens accessories - Razor brand "Solingen" stand for reading newspaper and others. Are preserved household items of the modern citizen - Viennese oil lamp, wall clocks, plates, vases, jugs and more.

Very interesting is the exhibition "Modern and Contemporary History" with over 1,600 inventory items.

The museum has a rich library.

Working hours: 10:00 to 18:00

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