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Hotnitsa Eco trail

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Hotnishki trail was built in the picturesque gorge of the river Bohot , near Hotnitsa village , about 15 km from the old capital of Bulgaria . Length is only about a mile , but it offers amazing views of visitors. Located where Fore meets the Danube plain , eco trail winds along the slopes of the deep river canyon , literally bent over ten cascades of water thresholds , smaller waterfalls and bizarre karst formations .

The route starts from the remarkable Hotishki waterfall. Its height reaches almost 30 meters , but his real dignity for tourists lies in its incredible beauty. The cool meadow near the pool at the foot of the waterfall is suitable for picnics and build tent camps . Here was built a wooden gazebo with fireplace.

Early Hotnishki trail is located on the left bank of the waterfall , then climb the steep rocks above it and " stabbed " through stone tunnels, where centuries ago the falling water required to operate the existing mill ever . On several occasions, the route crosses the gorge by wooden bridges built so as to reveal stunning views of leaping from stone to stone river Bohot . The trail is accessible in all seasons , it can be passed from beginner tourists , and even by children, but to such an effort needs to be approached with due caution and preparation.

Hotnishki Eco is particularly impressive on hot days , when it became a desirable destination for those who want to escape from the scorching sun . Almost vertical walls of the gorge are literally drenched with green ivy and other climbing plants and the route without warning alternating cool secluded places with sunny glades .

The endpoint is the source Kaya bounar who also impresses with its beauty . Hotnishki trail is very accessible to tourists. Near both ends pass asphalt roads that allow it to reach by car . Hotnitsa picturesque village , located only 3 km away , offering overnight and a number of attractions from the ancient and Renaissance history. Here is open and Hotnitsa treasure - one of the oldest evidence of processing gold in the world.

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