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Historic Landmark
Villa Armira

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A unique Roman villa was discovered accidentally in 1964 during the construction of a dam near Ivailovgrad. The discovery became popular as a house "Armira" - the name of a small river on whose bank was built many centuries ago. Outstanding planning scheme marble decorations and floor mosaics make it a model of Roman rural architecture in the Balkans.

This is the richest part of the Roman Palace revealed in the Bulgarian lands. Built in the second half of the I century AD A prominent Thracian aristocrat, as a center of great Landed possession. The spacious courtyard was surrounded by colonnades, and in the middle there was a pool. Under the floor of the premises from the south crossed the heating ducts. Accommodation and yard were lavishly decorated. More original palace was on two floors. The first floor was twenty-two rooms - banquet room, reception of a master bedroom, a bathroom like Rome and other premises, all organized around a large pool in the middle. Around it were shaped four covered corridor. In one of the corridors was a wooden staircase to the second floor. On the second floor were located more bedrooms and workplaces for women. The bathroom of the owners is located in the sunny and sheltered side of the house. Ancient body should be gradually heated, so no room for cool, warm and hot bath. She is equipped with a sauna, which was a great luxury in a private home.

Villa "Armira" is located 1.5 km. southwest quarter of Ladzha, Ivaylovgrad on the road to the village Svirachi to which is Grand Mound. To get an interesting talk will have to pay 5 BGN. The villa work on weekends too.

Working hours: 09:00 to 17:00

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