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Historic Landmark
Kalofer monastery

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Kalofer monastery " Virgin Birth " is located about 7 km north of the sub-Balkan Kalofer. Nature has created a work of art - the neighborhood is a picturesque valley on the banks of the White River , surrounded by the hills of Stara Planina. About 200 meters above the monastery begins National Park "Central Balkan" and "White River". Nearby is the eco-trail "White River" , which is part of the resort of including more camp and children's center for survival in nature "Djendema ."

For the history of the monastery do not know much , but most likely it was established in 1640 . Is one of his destruction , for which there is no information on how and when. Resumption became reality in 1819 . During the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878) when the temporary withdrawal of Russian troops Kalofer monastery , and many other Christian shrines in the area , was again destroyed by the Turks . Penultimate restoration dates from 1881 and is the work of Gentcho Kanev from Tryavna .

Not long ago, in 1981 , on the occasion of the 1300th anniversary of the Bulgarian state decided Kalofer monastery to be rebuilt completely. After three years undertaking a fact. The church in the monastery you should painted in 2003 by artist Michael Minkov from Plovdiv and Nanko Nankov of Shumen.

Nowadays the monastery " Virgin Birth " is permanent . The monastery consists of a church, residential and commercial buildings . Near the monastery is the holy spring chapel "St. Panteleimon " , built in 1825 Kaloferska monastery offers accommodation - it has a 4-bed rooms with private or shared bathroom. 50 -ish meters from the monastery there is a café , which offers food .

Kalofer monastery to lead a decent road from Kalofer that is passable for a car.

Kalofer is one of Bulgarian cities over the years successfully retain tourist interest in itself. Annual festivals attract Bulgarians and foreigners curious to indulge in old- traditions and history. Unforgettable experience you will have if you decide to come here at Christmas , New Year, Epiphany , Lent traditional mummers performances, as well as Easter, June 2 - Day of Botev and others. In early June of you visitors can participate in picking , walk in the distillery and tasting of rose jam , syrup and even brandy roses ! For several years in the middle of August is held yearly " Festival of Kaloferska lace ."

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