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Kamen Bryag beach

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Kamen bryag

Kamen Bryag Beach is one of the most magical places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The lack of beach with normal sand, it is saved from commercial overdevelopment, typical of the rest of our coast, and high ridges lend majesty and mysterious charm. This is one of the reasons of the first of July each year here to conduct the famous Festival "July Morning", dedicated to the love of rock music and freedom, which gather people from all over Bulgaria, and many foreigners.

The very name of the place speaks volumes about the character of his monumental work - for miles around cliffs with a height of tens of meters into the sea rise stone colossi with bizarre shapes, and nearby is the famous archaeological reserve "Yailata" as he brings name of a giant rock formation.

Kamen Bryag Village (near Kavarna, Dobrich District) is located just two kilometers from the "Yailata" and its population is only 69 people. Since archaeological reserve is the biggest attraction in the area, the village created a tourist information center where you can get the necessary data for it and other important destinations around Kamen Bryag.

Excavations in Yailata found many stone buildings, tombs, Thracian cult complex and wall of the Early Byzantine period. Northwest of Kamen Bryag scientists have encountered Scythian burials, and in the whole area are scattered various megalithic monuments.

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