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Karlovo waterfall

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At the foot of Mount Zhultets in the Balkan Mountains, Old River is a beautiful waterfall Karlovo . The whole area around is located in the territory of the National Park "Central Balkan" , declared a natural phenomenon in 1965.

Getting to the waterfall itself is not a challenge - it is located close to Vasil Levski hut . It is located in the Big Gyurlata the border between Troy and Kaloferska mountain units of the Balkan Mountains. Hold the path that diverges to the left of this departure from the lodge to the town of Karlovo. Once you cross the river to go to the left side , and after a fifteen-minute ride to reach.

The height of the waterfall is 30 meters and the water of the waterfall go down a remarkably symmetrical and equally positioned rungs rock , surrounded by the greenery of the surrounding nature .

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