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Mount Vejen

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One of the loveliest spots in the Balkan Mountains is Mount Vejen . Located at 2,198 meters above sea level it is the highest in Zlatishko - Tetevenska Mountain. Characteristic of mountainous area near the top is that the winters are very harsh temperatures low and high wind and snow storms make the track very difficult to cross . In the last months of winter and early spring snow cover reaches a thickness up to 2 meters. So here are often formed and avalanches . Experienced hikers recommend that you get with patience and physical strength if you decide to challenge Vezhen peak . If you venture happens to you in winter - and a lot of courage . The road to the top is long and the scenery in dense fog prone to loss . It is advisable to follow a marked winter and summer , when there is fog . On a clear day you can enjoy the magnificent panoramas especially Vejen itself . The peak is broad plateau reaches . In the main he was moving the boundary of the reserve Tsarichina . In the area of ​​Vejen is the only larger forest of white fir . The tree was discovered in 1839 . It can reach a height of 35 meters and a diameter of about 50-60 cm

There are several starting points for climbing the peak Vejen . One is from the north at Ribaritza . Passing along the valleys of Kostina river Danube River Old factory and Ribaritza hut is reached Benkovski . From climbing Mount Bratanitsa , then passes through the mountain horse , come to Mt Navel and then another hour and a half Vezhen peak was conquered . If you go from hut Vejen ascent becomes more rocky edge , secured with rope. South ability to climb to the top three . The most convenient starting from the town Klissura marked with blue markings. Pass through the main Stara Planina ridge at Stone Gate - saddle between the peaks Vejen and Kamenica - 4 hours and 30 minutes. From there to the summit in 30 minutes.

Near Vihren you can indulge in cultural tourism. You can view the chapels " Nativity" in Chiflik, "St. Trinity " in Dushantsi and " St. George " in Anton . There are several churches , including " St. Nicholas " in the canyon , " St. Nicholas " in Koprivshtitsa, " Assumption " in the gorge and others.

The tourists hikers function huts Benkovski, Vasilyov, Vejen, Echo, Kozya Stena , Momina polyana , Paul Deliradev , Mountain springs and Rebel song.

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