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Kotel is not only a place with majestic nature, fresh air and pure mountain water, but also an important cultural and historical center. It is called the „Stronghold of Bulgarian spirit ", " Cradle of the Renaissance”. The city is the birthplace of many prominent Revival: Georgi Sava Rakovski, Neophyte Bozveli, Dr. Petar Beron, Sofronii Vrachanski, Gavril Krastevich Aleko Bogoridi, Stefan Bogoridi and many others. Kotel is a town with beautiful architectural models from the late Renaissance and one of the most important centers of the weaving art. Rich history, Renaissance architecture and beautiful mountain surroundings make this picturesque mountain town of many foreign and Bulgarian tourists. Kotel was declared an architectural and historical reserve. Saved over 110 houses from the Renaissance.

In Galatan school is a museum exposition of the wonderful pieces of art of rug weaving. In Kyorpev house is an ethnographic museum. Museum of the Renaissance illustrates the life and work of over 200 national heroes in this region. Natural diversity of the Kotel region is reflected in the Natural History Museum.

In the churches of St. Trinity and St. St. Peter and Paul Church preserve beautiful woodcarvings. At the Kotel is the first secondary school for folk singing and instrumental music Philip Kutev. In the north lies the beautiful Park “Springs " for its three springs there are legends. The air in the Kotel is extremely clean and suitable for treatment of lung diseases.

14km from Kotel is Jeravna. The surrounding area has about 30 caves, most famous of them- Ledenika and Dryanovska cave. There are wonderful places to stay, in Kotel will meet you hospitably, and the mayor Hristo Kirov advises: “When you leave Kotel pick a geranium. For us it is a symbol of health, freshness, strength and beauty. With geranium girls decorated their foreheads every morning. With geraniums on a cap, men take the way to the mountain or Dobrudja ...

And when you tell about Kotel your memories to smell of geraniums!”

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