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Historic Landmark
Monyak Fortress

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If you love nature and you are capturing the stunning views , you can not miss Monyak Fortress, also called Mneakos . Majestic and picturesque is the beauty of the hills of the Western Rhodopes, dam cold well and valley along the Arda River , seen from 586 meters altitude.

The first historical evidence of Monyak appear during the Third Crusade . At that time the castle was an important strategic site of the Byzantine Empire. In 1206 Monyak was besieged by the Latins during the Fourth Crusade . Reportedly, the famous medieval chronicler Villehardouin Geoffroy was here Crusaders learned of the death of the Emperor Baldwin . Subsequently Monyak Baron Meeting was held at which elected the new and last emperor of the Latins - Henry. In the following centuries during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom castle was frontier territory that guarded the Bulgarian lands from the attacks of the Byzantines .

The written information we have today , we know that Monyak is the highest fortress in the Rhodope Mountains and occupied an area of 50 acres . It was impossible Friend or Foe approaches to reach the top without being discovered by residents and defenders of the fortress. Monyak was the only fortress in Ahridos that King Michael Asen II failed to back from the Byzantines in his march in 1254

Mneakos castle has preserved evidence and the time of the conquest of the Bulgarian lands of the Ottoman Empire. Predatory incursions into the area leaving burned cities , destroyed fortresses, looted villages and monasteries. Centuries later, archaeologists will find skeletons of the faithful defenders Monyak to the front door , as caught them death.

Unfortunately, most of the castle was destroyed and today we are seeing a small part of hardness . Among the ruins of the fortress city wall , an eight- tower and water tanks dating from the XII-XIII centuries. Preserved part of the outer wall has a length of 270 meters and the height in places reaches 7 8 meters. Built of stone cemented with lime and sand. The height of the tower is about 3-4 meters. In the construction of the fort was taken seriously as drinking water . Inside the fort are two overhead water tank.

Nowadays shapely road leads to the castle.

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