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Lovech - Ethnographic Museum

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Lovech, 16, ul. Hristo Ivan...

If you decide to visit Lovech, you should look at the Ethnographic complex. It is located in "Varosha" a quiet cobbled street. Ethnographic Complex consists of two adjacent houses - Drasova and Rashova.

Drasova house was built in the first half of the nineteenth century museum exhibition recreates the life of a wealthy merchant family during this period. Mix of Oriental and European create a charming atmosphere as soon proceed threshold. The atmosphere is transmitted to other rooms in the living room we can see the rugs, chairs and Russian samovar. The bedroom is in typical Renaissance style, but very interesting for women's bridal room where we find Viennese furniture, German porcelain and typical bridal attire. As is typical for Lovech houses of this period, the house has a large terrace on which the whole family slept in the summer.

Rashova neighboring house was built in 1835 and was left by its owner Nencho Rashevite museum. The exhibition recreates the life and culture of Lovech intellectuals of the 30s and the 40s of XIX There is almost completely have European style, with the exception of the typical Bulgarian stove. You will see table lamps, baby rocking cot, French porcelain, German clocks, European buffet and preserved bottle perfume "Chanel." Most interesting are the towels, each with greeting signs.

The museum is open every day, but there is a lunch break. Talk of the Bulgarian will cost 5 lev and foreign language-10lv. Groups of over 15 people are accepted with a charge input 1lv.

Working hours: 08:00 to 18:00

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