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Ski slope Miykovtsi

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With the onset of winter, all winter sports fans look forward to a significant accumulation of snow. Ski slopes open and snow story - skiing , snowboarding and sledding release begins . If you have chosen this year to relax in the Balkan Mountains , you will find two options to practice their hobby - Chumerna and Miikovtsi .

Ski slope Miikovci is located 200 meters from the center of the village . Located 600 meters above sea level and the length of the track is a mile . For the convenience of tourists there is a ski -lift and well-equipped ski .

The track has a displacement 200 meters , making it suitable for entering the sport and advanced skiers. Ski run is open to guests every year from November 1 to March 1.

If your satisfaction the track becomes full trail leads from Miikovtsi results Chumerna . The peak is the highest in Elena Municipality - 1536 m . This region is suitable for plenty of winter sports - skiing - hiking, snowboarding, cross - country skiing, ski - orienteering and more. The track has two lines. Nearby is Chumerna hut where you can obtain the necessary equipment and gear , and to hire a professional ski - teacher or mountain guide.

In the vicinity of Miikovci are many huts and lead them to scenic hiking trails that are well marked. There are opportunities for horse riding, fishing and ethnographic tourism . The village has a shop, bar , post office and infrastructure to meet the needs of the increasing number of tourists discovered this wonderful place in Bulgaria .

Miikovtsi is ideal for an idyllic holiday and during the warmer months of the year. In summer the rivers offer opportunities for swimming and meadows around them opportunities for recreation .

There are many places for day trips . The meadows are wild fruit - wild strawberries , raspberries , blackberries, mushrooms and a variety of useful herbs. When planning a vacation there , keep in mind that the village currently no phones at present is a network of some of the mobile operators in Bulgaria , the only connection is a central telephone located in the building of the post.

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