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Lazuritova Hole Cave

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Lazuritova hole is located near the village Milanovo , District Svoge, Sofia Municipality in the area Radova meadow. It is about 60 km from Sofia and 20 km from the city Municipality.

Starting point to reach the hole Lazurite is a village Milanovo . Initially you should take the old road to the town of Vratsa ensuring that the tape marking to Parshevitsa hut . It reaches the catchment above the village , where the trail climbs the slope of Ranenski rut passes a smoothed part and joined the cobbled road to the town of Vratsa . Direct path to the area troughs separated left just before reaching the stone bridge over the so-called Govejdi dol. The path displayed to the left of pens in that area . Behind (north) stems trail leading to the saddle called Promka . Reaches to the macadam road . This time is also available for higher car .

Lazuritova hole is a natural cave, carved with secondary mining exploration purpose. Entrance to the cave is a natural and revealed in

based on a low rock cliff . It has an approximate triangular shape , and dimensions of 2.80 m length of 0.90 meters in height. There east. By it in

westerly direction a sloping cave gallery 11 meters long floor is covered with stone dust and noise adventitious surface . In many places there Lazurite - copper minerals with different colors. Cave - penetration · mining is cool and damp its total length is 31 meters. Most often visited by tourists to capture beautiful colored minerals. Traces of treasure-hunting activity also missing.

The name of the cave - mining penetration · given for discoveries in her copper mineral " Lazurit." From the village Milanovo to the cave and back walking time is about 2 hours. Currently there is a project to build a green path with a starting point of the village Kipilovo . Expected to be built recreation , gazebos and signs.

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