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Historic Landmark
Medieval Fortress "Stone"

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The castle is located 600 meters west of Oryahovo. It is built in the ninth century as part of the Danube fortification system of the first Bulgarian state. During XII-XIV century there has been renewed and important role of protective gear.

Continues to be used after the fall under Ottoman rule until the end of the fifteenth century

Today the fort has been preserved two-storey rectangular tower of the Second Bulgarian State. The remains of medieval buildings and beautiful panoramic views of the Danube fascinate visitors.

Fortress to Oryahovo was relatively small and irregularly shaped. The construction was very sturdy and built by a typical Old stones soldered with plaster and a network of wooden beams for leveling masonry. Nowadays, relatively well preserved is 9-foot corner watchtower.

Along this fort and the troops passed from the Crusade of the Hungarian kings Sigismund (1396) and Wladyslaw Jagiello (1444).

The first fort included the shaft with a moat and stone citadel, built on the highest part of the terrain. The population in this fort was occupied by cattle and agriculture have produced pottery and jewelry.

Corrected in 1396, it was again destroyed during the conquest by the armies of Sigismund, who besieged it five days and thanks to the local people they took it and killed all the Turks. In 1461/1462 was taken over by Vlad Tepes, who left here their commander. It is mentioned in the Hungarian-Turkish peace treaty in 1503 between the other strongholds of the "Land of King Shishman." In the late 16th century it was destroyed by Mihail Vityaz and never has been used.

The castle was abandoned in the late 16th and early 17th century. There is no organized transport and guiding services. The site is accessible to pedestrians and vehicles.

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Oryahovo - Attraction Medieval Fortress Oryahovo - Attraction Medieval Fortress