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Goritsa Eco trail

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Ecopath " Gorica " is located in the foothills of Kabul part of Rila and starts in the village Ovchartsi, Kyustendil . The village is situated 72 km from the capital Sofia and is located next to the community center. Eco trail follows the bed of the picturesque river Gorica.

Near the village Ovchartsi are seven spectacular mountain waterfall. Eco trail passes by two of them - Ovchartsi and Gorica. It reaches peak large stone which has an altitude of 1,284 meters , and again descends to the village.

Ecopath " Ovchartsi " is not difficult. This fact and the presence of numerous natural attractions and relatively small flow of tourists in the area, makes it one of the most attractive routes for family tourism .

The path forms a rough circle and its length is quite small - about 2 kilometers, which makes it suitable to travel for half an hour . " Ovchartsi " offers excellent conditions for tourism in the medium and low mountain belt in Rila Mountain. It allows both experienced and beginner tourists to enjoy a number of remarkable landscapes and objects. Prevalent among them rock formations, scenic geological formations , ancient forests, which are of interest not only for nature lovers , but also for researchers.

The route of the trail " Gorica " abound attractive waterfalls and thresholds, steep sections , in which the river descends through the spray and foam , alternating with enchanting calm pools . Of course, the biggest attraction of eco-trail is Ovchartsi Falls , declared a natural monument in 1965. It is located only 900 m. height and is composed of two thresholds . While this makes up most low-lying waterfall in Rila, water fall from 39 meters gives great magnificence , especially in spring and autumn when high water

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