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Padartsi Beach

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The beach village Padartsi is one of the most beautiful coastline of the lake "Kardjali". It is only seventeen miles from the eponymous district town, 380 meters above sea level. The village is picturesquely tucked in the soft contours of east hills, the location of which Arda river flows in ponds. The climate is very healthy, with cool summers and mild winters, the air and water here are some of the cleanest in the country.

Although the population of Padartsi is only seventy-five people, here you can hunting for a bargain everything you need to spend well on the riverbank and there are plenty of historical, natural and cultural monuments, the most famous among them is the cave Vulva. If you ask the locals, you can find a place to stay at reasonable prices. In recent Dazhdovnitsa (six kilometers) you can stay in gaining popularity atrhostel "Terlik House", located in a renovated old building.

Pudartsi beach village is small, sheltered in a beautiful forest and is very quiet, except for the local people, it is hardly known to the tourists. Here you can relax in peace, to enjoy the warm sun and the gentle breeze and swim in the calm waters of the lake. The area offers opportunities to practice practically all water sports.

The most preferred, of course, fishing. Here come anglers from around the country attracted by species diversity and abundance of fish. There are also lovers of wildlife that come to this place to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the region and escape from city stress. Lately beach of Padartsi acquired some popularity, mainly due to the fact that the village is located near the beautiful chalet "Borovitza", offering visitors all amenities. The owners
organize for those who want boat trips in the lake.

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