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Bryagovo dam

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Bryagovo Dam is built on Kayaliyka River between the village Bryagovo and the village of Iskra in the foothills of the Rhodope Mountains. Located in the municipality of Parvomai , Plovdiv region. Stocked with fish and so it is a favorite place for sport fishing among avid fishermen from the area . Keep in mind, however, that the entrance fee is paid , but the amount of fish caught will not be charged extra. You can be caught species roach , chub , pike, barbel , sun fish, bream , perch , roach , carp and gudgeon .

Near the dam is built holiday homes that offer panoramic views of the lake and are suitable for a longer stay. Sometimes ponds is a place for one of the circles in the water race motor sports. Interesting is the fact that during the warmer months of the year there may be observed multiple flocks of white storks. So if you have the opportunity to visit , you can witness this beautiful natural phenomenon. Near the lake are the following interesting sites which you can visit : Mirror cliff, habitat of lily and peony, Pierced Stone, Eagle rock, dam Ezerovo, Mechka Dam , dam of Lenovo . So Bryagovo lake turns into a paradise and its proximity to the second largest city in Bulgaria - Plovdiv provides many more opportunities.

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