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Modar Peak

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Moder is a peak with a height of 1,992 m , the third highest in the Rhodope Chernatitsa . The peak is the largest orographic and hydrographic node in the partition. It shall collect hills Persenkski , Varhovrah , Belocherkovski and Srednya . An impressive dome. Its slopes are covered with dense coniferous forests. The peak is inaccessible and unsafe.

Moder is modest peak towering third highest after the Large and Small Persenk within the Middle Rhodopes . However, it is one of the most beautiful peaks in Bulgaria , built of gray - bluish limestone and ascended back in Palaeozoic part of the oldest land of Europe.

The special beauty of the hill opens on its south-west side , where the base of the top open several exposed rock formations, unlike other countries that are densely covered with pines .

From the hut Moder not left a stone upon a stone after a fire in 1988. The peak is difficult to access , it may be accessible only to mountaineers. The tip has a beautiful scree of rubble at one end of its foundations laid at the end of a small pine forest . At the other end are the pinnacles of bare rock for millions of years . Really pretty.

Scree of moder look like my son, and many people commit his name Modra - blue . Word corresponds to the wise and clever exalted . Therefore the name of Mount Moder means " lofty peak ." The starting point is the village Osikovo . Has a blue marking. Path generally is evident only in a few places is difficult. Finally released in an abandoned nursery pines and can not be followed, but should be around . It got to the abandoned building , connects with the road and therefore the blue markings. Nearby is Beybunar . From there you should take the red mark Persenk hut . It got to the foot of Mount Moder . Trees in the area are very special - they have long dry branches at a very low altitude . This makes the passage between them impossible.

Up a mark , but it 's just a strip of green trees and stones. No trail . Must follow the CE from tree to tree . For an hour or so to reach the top, and the displacement is 200 meters away.

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