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Kongura Reserve

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Kongura reserve is located in the northeast of Belasitsa Mountain. The reserve is located on the territory of Petrich and covers part of the watershed of the river Luda Mara at an altitude of 600 to 1950 meters. Its highest point is Mount Kongur . It was declared by order of the Committee for Environmental Protection 1988 goal is to protect the natural forest ecosystems of plain chestnut and beech . The reserve covers an area of ​​1312.0 hectares . It is guarded by RIEWs - Blagoevgrad . Natural forests of chestnut plain are over 200 years old , as individual trees are over 500 years biodiversity of the reserve is very large , unique and valuable . On its territory there are 429 identified plant species, 11 of them rare and one endangered species , 30 and 5 Bulgarian Balkan endemics. Fauna in the reserve Kongura is too rich and varied. Mammals are roe deer , wild boar, hare , fox, marten . Bird life is also rich . There is a large hawk , Levant Sparrowhawk , golden eagle , black woodpecker and other species protected by law . Very characteristic for the reserve are nests of red forest ant. In the region is located chalet " Kongur " from which leave the main tourist routes. Some are themed " ant trail " lasts 1 hour 20 minutes. There were also the route hut " Kongur " - Kongur peak , which is needed 1 hour 30 minutes , hut " Kongur " - Mount Kalabak lasting 3:00 and others. If you are in the area of ​​the reserve Kongura can also visit historical museum - Petrich house museum of the prophetess Vanga Samuil Fortress Memorial Complex and many others. Meeting with nature and historical sights will surely feel the positive energy and good mood .

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