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Ears Mount

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Mount Ears is located in South Pirin . This is the lowest and the rounded part of Pirin Mountain. Occupies 19% of the mountain and is long as it is wide - about 11 miles. The southern portion is rarely visited by tourists in the country, because there is little near chalets - Spring , Raspberry , Pirin, Popov meadows and Slavianka . South Pirin is extremely beautiful and smells of countless coniferous and deciduous forests that cover its territory. It is built of granite in the central part and the periphery marble .

Although it is located in the lowest part of Pirin mountain , Mount Ears is actually the highest peak in it. It rises to 1,977.6 m in height and is the main mountain ridge between the second highest peak in South Pirin peak Candlestick ( 1,975.4 m ) in the northwest and the third highest peak Mutorok ( 1,970.5 m ) to the southeast . Curious to know is that in many sources leader of South Pirin wrongly believed peak Candlestick .

The north and northeast slopes of Mount Ears descend to the valley of the Curve River and south to Koynarska River . The peak is covered with forest. As to the origin of its name . Most likely it comes from a few several jutting rock pile on top that resemble ears.

The area around Mount Ears is rich in a variety of cultural, historical and religious sites. Just a short distance from one another , you can see churches, mosques and synagogues . I will mention some of them : the "St. Archangel Michael "and" St. Assumption " in Gotse Delchev, " St. George " in Garmen and " St. Dimitar " in Teshovo ; chapel" George " in Peter , " St. Spirit "in Pirin and " St. Constantine " in Delchev mosque " Karadza Pasha " and sinagotata in Gotse Delchev, currently Effect . Nearby are also Gornospanchevskata fortress, Momina krepost and Nicopolis ad Nestrum . Keen interest and a sanctuary Black Rock and medieval tower in Teshovo .

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