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Gergiytsa peak

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Gergiytsa peak is located in the western part of Northern Pirin Mountain and is relatively easily accessible peak as nearby passes one of the most popular trails in Pirin - highlighted in blue route from Vihren hut Sinanitsa . Not lead to the top runners , but it can be easily scaled without trail from the south.

Situated between Muratov peak ( 2,669 m ) and Momin peak ( 2,480 m ) Georgiytsa , as it is known , rises to 2,589 meters above sea level. Although it is the highest elevation of Sinanishko side was , he did not give his name, as is the tradition . The ridge is named for the fantastic and beautiful Sinanitsa peak ( 2,516 m ) - it is made of pink and gray marble and looks like it was split in two.

Gergiytsa peak is located between two large circus Spano and Gergiyski eponymous circus . Southern slopes of the peak to large Spano are sloping and grassy with scattered stone cairns and some scree . Northern slopes to Gergiyskiya circus are very steep , dotted with rocky talus and isolated rocks . The peak is located at the contact zone of marble and granite, which is well expressed in the northeastern slopes . Thence northeast to Gergiyskiya circus separated short branch , built entirely of marble, which is in sharp contrast to the surrounding granite. These marbles are stunning views from the region of Gergiyskite lakes. These are five glacial lakes formed by granite . Of them originated Gergiytsa River , a left tributary of Vlahinska .

There is an interesting legend about the origin of the names of the lakes and Mount Gergiytsa . One time Gergiytsa , the beautiful daughter of Pirin shepherd was chased by Murat Bey . The young girl in a moment of despair, stabbed herself with a dagger and died . When Murat Bey noticed on her neck a talisman opened it and found a hidden piece of skin labeled Sinanitsa . The governor had the amulet of the same name - his own mother. Beauty Gergiytsa proved his sister .

If you have the time to peak Gergiytsa , available in the area has several chalets - Bezbog, Bunderitza, Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa, Kamenica, Camp , Raspberry , Pirin, Sinanitsa , Iavorov , Yane Sandanski . Among the natural and historical attractions you can see , are the ancient city Neine Velyanova house, museum - West University , Museum Vaptsarov and Icon Museum in Bansko .

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