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Hvoynati peak

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At 2,635 meters above sea level in the Pirin mountain is Hvoynati peak. Renamed the local population Ovinati Bansko . Ovina means juniper. The tip is not a big challenge for mountaineers . Although the peak Hvoynati not pass trails , it can be climbed fairly easily from from Kabata or Vlahinski ridge traced in pyramids with stone paths.

Ovinati peak is located on the main ridge between champion Vihren ( 2914 ) and Muratov peak ( 2669 m ) . It is built of granite and has a domed shape. Flat on the top, the view is striking and disarming . South acute and rocky saddle ridge connects Vlahinski Hvoynati peak with Muratov peak. It is relatively difficult to pass along the main ridge , but is convenient to switch from Bandereshki circus in the Greater Muratovo Lake (also called Hvoynati Ovinato or lake ) . In the lake empties insignificant stream that descends the chute between Muratov and Hroynati tip and forms a beautiful estuary and two interesting peninsula. Across the mighty towers of flesh Todorka ( 2,746 m ) .

In saddle Kabata Hvoynati peak associated with the second highest peak in Bulgaria - Vihren . In Kabata Vihrenski marbles back seat of granite, which was built and Hvoynati peak.

As for the western slopes are steep , grassy and bottlenecks . Eastern hand covered with squat , sometimes rocky and streaked with deep grooves that go all the way to Ravnako and riverbed Bunderitsa . Northeast slopes are heavily eroded in places with stone blocks , landslides and rock falls . Due to the significant risk of avalanches in winter is not advisable to use other routes outside the traditional summer trails movement in the area.

Near the peak Ovinati are several huts - Bezbog, Bunderitza, Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa, Kamenica, Camp , Raspberry , Pirin, Sinanitsa , Iavorov and Yane Sandanski .

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