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Kremenski lakes

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Kremen Lakes are a group of nine lakes in Pirin Mountain. Located in a narrow , but deep Kremenski circus , being surrounded by Sivria peak , Mount Wheels and Kremenski peak. Drain into the river Retizhe . Two of the lakes , unfortunately, are intermittent . Group Kremenkite Lakes is the largest group of lakes in Pirin. The total area of the lake is 196 acres and their volume reached 1.56 million cubic meters. The name comes from the village of Kremen , because they are located in its territory. Lower Kremensko Lake is the second largest in Pirin after Priest Lake. Located at 2,304 meters above sea level. Depth of 27 meters puts him in third place on the following criteria and Tevnoto Vasilashko Priest Lake.

Group Kremen Lakes is not very well known to tourists because it is off the main and most popular mountain hiking . However, they are landmark to miss. Easiest way to get to them from the valley of the River Retizhe and tip wheels.

Go from where Kremenski stream enters the river Retizhe - nearly 2,100 meters above sea level. You can choose between two paths. One , in short , move the steep valley of Kremenski flow and will take you to two of the low-lying lakes. The other , longer but more sloping moving east , then head west on the slope of the river. Also leads to the two bottom Kremenski lakes. Walks from the lakes can be made to the Priest Lake or even Bezbog .

Many believe Kremen Lakes are the most beautiful and picturesque lakes in Pirin. The walk to and around them unforgettable memories of fans of Bulgarian nature.

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