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Strajite, Big and Small Straja

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Alpine edge Strajite consists of several peaks, the last of which are confirmed as difficult and challenging among mountaineers - Big and Small Straja . Edge starting from the fourth highest peak of Pirin Polejan ( 2,851 m ) north of Mount Kaymakchal ( 2,753 m ) . We can safely say that this is the place with the Alpine type in Polejansko share.

Among connoisseurs hill Strajite long been known as Ushitsite . In recent years, however, the glory of the last two peaks in the direction He lay - Kaymakchal - Big and Small Guard , approved its new name .

Starja is the last big peak in the comb. Many believe that it is impossible to be run under rocks Big and Small starja , but reality shows that it is possible , following the stone pyramids left by experienced tourists. Once chapped from the southwest side of them , the descent of the trail to "Demyanitsa" the best to become the second towards the north of them spout that is gentle and slightly grassy . Away from them and the area lying north of Mount Cream Chal in luck , you can see a herd of wild goats. Cautioned , however, that the ascent of the peaks the Little and Big Straja is a dangerous and risky without special mountaineering training.

Easier to speak are guards on the east side . West side of the guards , however, a steep alpine cliffs that descend to Geyser lakes . It is from this side is the classic type of guards .

Each entered the guards acknowledged that the effort was worth it . Peaks like Mount Straja over and keep her secrets Nature is grateful created by this piece of Pirin fascinating landscape. The area is rich in rivers, lakes , waterfalls , caves, springs and rock formations. Near and far rustling turbulent waters Vlahinski waterfall Demyanishki jump, Popinoluka, Yulenski waterfall and Jump. The area attracts tourists from all over the country - many of them are fascinated by the beauty of the Pirin nature , while others come to sightsee as Kremensko castle chapel "St. Ivan Rilski " in Bansko ," St. Trinity " in Bansko, " St. St. Peter and Paul " in Dobrinishte Obidims monastery" St. Panteleimon . "

Available to hikers year-round work chalets Bunderitza, Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa, Kamenica , Raspberry , Pirin, Sinanitsa , Iavorov and Yane Sandanski .

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