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Yalovarnika peak

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For the top Yalovarnika can not say that it is a serious challenge for the mountaineers , but the road to it is difficult , as it is away from cities and chalets. The peak is 2765 meters high and is located in the Alpine North Pirin share of Kamenishko either side . Yalovarnika is the 10th highest peak in Pirin 2 cm higher than the peak draft. It is built of granite and stands among the other peaks of Pirin with its characteristic double peak . If you look at her from Mozgovishkata gate , you will see clearly double peak between the other two giants on the crest - the top Kamenica ( 2822 m ) and Dolls ( 2686 m ) .

If you intend to climb Yalovarnika , convenient starting points are huts and Pirin Begovitsa and Tevno lake. The simplest way from then on is from the saddle to the newspaper tooth , as well as the objectives southern and south-eastern slopes without trail . It is possible to shift from century to century Yalovarnika Kamenica , but there are risks . Pass through rock gendarmes between two peaks or a descent to the secondary circus at Manenkoto lake.

Slopes of Mount Yalovarnika places are rocky and almost vertical, while others - gentle and overgrown . Northwest , for example, a typical alpine views. Almost vertikalbni are highly chopped and eroded , arid with large loose rocks at the base of the peak. Northeast of the situation is not different - rugged , limiting little cirque The Surface , open to Demirkapiyskiya circus . At its base is located Manenkoto lake.

Southern and southeastern slopes of Yalovarnika are sloping , grassy and overgrown with juniper. They represent a massive denudation plateau descending to the valley of the Third ( Demirkapiyska ) River at an altitude of 1900-2000 meters and forming the northern part of Cirque Bashmandra . From these slopes spring numerous streams that flow into the third and average ( Bashmandrenska ) rivers.

Although remote , near Mount Yalovarnika are several huts - Bezbog, Bunderitza, Vihren , Gotse Delchev, Demyanitsa , Kamenica , Raspberry , Pirin, Popov meadows, Sinanitsa , Yane Sandanski . Among the attractions that you can see are white fir , Dupki - Dzhindzhiritsa , Lush , Lujnitsa , Orelyak and Ulen . Worthy of a visit are still Kremensko castle chapel "St. Spirit "and Obidims monastery" St. Panteleimon . "

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