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Ski slopes near hut Pleven

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Near the hut "Pleven " for lovers of winter sports function 3 tracks located at 1340 meters altitude. The main ski slope is advanced . It lies at the foot of Mount Milky Chal near the lodge. To track leads the beaten path with ski length of 200 meters and a slight displacement .

Runway length is 300 meters with an approximate angle of 45 degrees. The width of the runway is about 35 meters in some places . Has Panichkov rope with a length of 300 meters. For the comfort and safety of skiers take good care trained team of professionals , which determines the order of ranking in the drags. The track is treated regularly with a special machine . Conditions of use are pay-per- day or half-day card. Are allowed discounts for a week or more daily use. The tourists there and built a place for rest and relaxation overlooking the sloping and Botev Peak.

The second track is for amateurs. It is located about 100 meters from the chalet "London " in the direction of greatest slope . Facility , which is available is "manual lift " with a length of 60 meters . After launching the possibility to attach great track. Favorite place for less stress to terminate or Modifyed of ski skills.

The third track is designed for apprentices in winter sports. It is equipped with a manual lift with a length of 80 meters. The track has a very small displacement and suitable for first steps with skis for children and adults. Near it is built playground with swings, climbing and other activities.

The hut itself "Pleven " is one of the modern mountain huts in the area. It is located in Bazov share. It consists of two buildings with a total capacity of 180 seats . The main building is a massive four- storey building with 120 seats with floor WCs and bathrooms. Some of the rooms have sinks . The building is water and electricity and central heating. It features a restaurant and kiosk. The second building is a three-storey building with 60 seats with floor WCs and wash basin in each room. The building is water and electricity and central heating. Tourism has a kitchen and dining room . Association: Tourist Association " Kailashka Valley ."

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