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Skobelev park

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" Skobelev Park " is a museum established in 1904 by the Committee " Tsar Liberator " in Pleven. The park was created in memory of the Russian soldiers who died in the fighting on 30 August 1877 . Years ago I had protected status , but its status changes, it is removed from the state register of protected areas as a historical site in 2004 . Reasoned that the protected areas are the natural natural formations and Skobelev Park is made by human hand . Park, the museum is still on the list of historical monuments of the Russo-Turkish War. In 1905 . began construction of a small lake in the park is built ossuary , which kept the bones of the fallen soldiers. Build and artillery batteries , where dozens hunted Russian guns. On September 3, 1907 . at a special ceremony in the presence of dignitaries from Russia, Prince Ferdinand , ministers, MPs and many residents of the city, Skobelev park was solemnly inaugurated with house museum " Tsar Liberator Alexander II " and a chapel -mausoleum "St. George . The park Defense Ministry building house museum gene . Skobelev . The park is spread over an area of ​​1,200 acres where are beautiful walks and greenery surrounds you from everywhere . Its territory is the biggest landmark of Pleven - Panorama " Pleven Epic 1877 " . Many people come here to walk . Passing this heroic battlefield of the past , you can feel the strength and morale of the wars . The entrance to the " Skobelev Park " is free.

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