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Arkoutino called also Bear Swamp , a swamp lagoon located near Primorsko resort in the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Even in 1940 was declared a reserve and now falls within the reserve " Ropotamo " - about 2.5 km north of the mouth of the Ropotamo . Dunes away from the sea coast line , and right behind them is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria - also named Arcoutino. From his bay reveals a splendid view of the island of St. Thomas - the only place in Bulgaria where found wild prickly pear cacti in the genus .

Pool is small, its length reaches 250 m and width of -150 m . Depth of only 0.5 meters , so when the big summer droughts can dry up. Characterized by a muddy bottom , and the water is quite sweet . Almost all of it is covered with dense aquatic and marsh vegetation , almost a quarter of its area is open . Along the coast it grows reed, rush seats and hardwood . Arcoutino is home to various species of duckweed , spring snowflake , cocksfoot , pondweed and others. Here is one of the richest deposits of yellow water lily in Bulgaria , meeting and included in the Red Book of Bulgaria sand lily . Rare dwarf fish gambusia , destroyer of stamens of mosquitoes also inhabit the swamp. Furthermore, the area represents one of the stops of the migratory birds of great aerial highway Via Pontic . In the rare marsh nesting birds listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria or protected by law , mute swan , heron, owl .

If you want to stay near this unspeakable Reserve can do in nearby resorts - Primorsko, Dunes or St. Thomas .

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