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The village is located in Teteven Mountain, 600 m altitude in the foothills of Mount Vejen. The village is located 12 km from Teteven and 124 km northeast of Sofia. Ribaritsa is located along at about 12 km. To reach from end to end, you need a car.

In 1963 Ribaritsa is declared mountain resort. Beautiful scenery, clean air, whilst the proximity to larger cities cause the village to become a favorite resting place in the early twentieth century

We strongly recommend that you visit the exceptional cafe "Express Ribaritsa." You'll be surprised!

Ribaritsa is a starting point for several hiking route. From the center of the village began to route Kostina. There is also the place of death of revolutionary Georgi Benkovski (1843 - 1876). As an expression of appreciation in 1908 at the historic location monument is placed.

Another route leads to Tsarichina reserve. Eco trail starting from Petro-chemistry area is about 6 km long and the transition takes 5 hours. The route runs along the borders of the reserve, then continue left and then climb from about 45 minutes to get to the site elephant. The eco-trail continues to the rocky area Merudievi teeth where there is a place for recreation. After a new transition from an hour reach the highest point of the route - Shalya large peak where panoramic views and Tsarichina ridge of Stara Planina. The route is suitable for spring, summer and autumn period, but is not recommended during winter months.

Ribaritsa can be rented bicycles and mountain bicycles, ATV-s, professional guides for walking tours, mountain is suitable for picnics, there are opportunities for entertainment and fishing.

Ribaritsa has a wide range of accommodation - and by category and price. In the village operate numerous hotels, villas, family hotels, holiday homes and others. Dining options are also varied and offer local and traditional Bulgarian cuisine. More information on tourism opportunities in the region Ribaritsa and tourists can get in the Municipal Bureau of Tourism Teteven Square "Sava Mladenov" № 9

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