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Route Ribaritsa - Vejen Peak

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The starting point of the route is beautiful resort Ribaritza ( Teteven municipality , province Lovech) . From this you should take the road that leads to the approaches to the National Park "Central Balkan". The boundary of the protected area is easily recognizable , as is indicated by a large wooden arch . The distance from Ribaritza there is about five kilometers and travels at an excellent pace.

The main part of the transition has only just begun . Continue in relatively good road and reach a bridge that should be used for reference as soon as we pass it , we reach the junction where we need to stop and take a trail to "Vejen" . It should be borne in mind that even if you continue on the dirt road , it also brings to it , but the distance is significantly extended. The short but steep track has a length from the edge of the National Park to the destination about 9-10 km and long - 15 km .

The trail climbs a serious inclination to Stara Planina ridge , but a lot of places are built rest areas with benches so that you can distribute forces properly. Most of the time walking through the forest, although in many places the route passes through mountain meadows and provides a great panoramic view of the Central Balkan. The climb is hard, but not very long. From the arch hut "Vejen" takes about three hours in the normal course .

From the hut to peak Vejen ( 2198 meters altitude ) leads perfectly highlighted in blue and white summer trail . It should be borne in mind that in winter and spring it is highly avalanche , so it should not be used after the place where it is released winter stake marking printed in red. Initially the route passes through a pine forest, which was gradually replaced by an avalanche swept area covered with dead trees , many of which have fallen down . From climbing to main Stara Planina ridge and peak Vejen it in open ground in rocky path , which in places is very steep and potentially dangerous , so it is secured with rope.

The distance from the hut to the summit can be traveled in about an hour and a half. Vejen is the highest peak in Zlatishko -Tetevenska Stara Planina and a huge ridge providing amazing panoramic views in all directions.

The transition requires serious physical training and experience in mountaineering . In winter, it is not advisable to take it without a guide .

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